PEOPLE for POOLS is a family-owned professional pool service company, serving the
Greater Toronto Area, With many years of knowledge and experience in the pool
and spa industry, we pride ourselves in building a unique and customized
service protocol to fit the individual needs of each customer.

We have extensive knowledge in repair of swimming pools and related equipment, and
monitor all aspects of your swimming pool including, chemistry consumption, swimming pool
routine maintenance and extensive technical repair. PEOPLE for POOLS is certified,
insured, and a member of PHTCC (Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada).

Selecting the best accessories and equipment can be beneficial to the environment,
as well as to the consumer – reduced operational expenses, water usage, maintenance
costs and equipment noise. Our eco-friendly accessories provide even more savings
when combined together in one integrated system that optimizes the effectiveness and
efficiency of every single component.


Our Mission

Our goal at PEOPLE for POOLS is to provide quality products, superior service and
unsurpassed management to residential pools and spas in the Greater Toronto Area.
We will keep our customers for life, keep our employees committed to excellence,
and grow brand presence in our markets.



(2 visits) – See below for details


(1 visit) – See below for details





POOL OPENING (2 visits)

    • First Visit:

      • – drain water from the cover for tarp and clip-in cover
      • – pack leaves in garbage bags and place at the curb
      • – pressure wash cover
      • – fold cover and put aside
      • – pressure wash water-bags and fold
      • – pressure wash deck around pool (up to.15 min.)
      • – pressure wash diving board, slide, etc.
      • – reinstall all water equipment
      • – shock water with liquid chlorine
      • – vacuum pool with commercial pump for safety cover
      • – brush pool walls if needed
      • – re-assemble filtration equipment
      • – start circulation and sanitization systems if possible
    • Second Visit:

      • – start circulation and sanitization systems
      • – check for any damages after winter
      • – vacuum pool and surface cleaning (up to.20 min.)
      • – brush pool walls if needed
      • – digital water testing
      • – liquid chlorine included



POOL CLOSING (1 visit)

      • – drain pool water to appropriate winterizing level
      • – pool vacuum and surface cleaning (up to.15 min.)
      • – winterize plumbing lines and filtration equipment
      • – Anti-Freeze
      • – install winter plugs
      • – shock water with liquid chlorine
      • – remove deck equipment
      • – winterize pool lights
      • – install winter cover and water bags
      • – wrap solar blanket on the roller with plastic wrap


        1. For salt water pools, water will be discharged per Best Management Practices for Water Discharge (using sanitary sewer system or onto your property)
        2. For water drain to sanitary sewer system with no permanent pool waste connection, submersible pump left overnight will be applied.



      • – pool vacuum
      • – surface clean
      • – brush walls
      • – empty all baskets
      • – clean out auto cleaner bag and wall screen
      • – backwash system
      • – digital water testing
      • – check for any visible leaks and damages
      • – check for proper operation of pumps, lights and heater



Reno & Repair


Vinyl liners are custom fitted to your pool perfectly, and provide a safe, clean and comfortable surface for the interior of your pool, and are designed to resist fading and cracking from sun, temperature and age. We offer a wide selection of liners from different manufactures and have completed numerous vinyl liner replacements around the GTA… we are your best choice for your pool redesign.

Our Pool Liner Replacement Service Includes:
– 3d pool measurments for accurate fit
– water drain
– old liner disposal away from property
– minor concrete repair
– walls painting with anti-corossion paint
– walls taping
– all new gaskets and face plates
– pool fittings cut
– pool start-up


With over 20 gas pool heater installations annually, we are pool heating experts.

Gas heating is the most reliable and fastest way to heat up your pool. By utilizing various heater settings you will achieve an affordable and practical way to maintain your desired water temperature.


Do you experience that same feeling every year, when your pool gets closed, and your backyard turns into a swamp?

Are you afraid that your pet will fall onto your winter tarp cover, full of cold, dirty water?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should consider installing of pool safety cover!

Safety covers are installed tight and flush to your pool deck, keeping children and pets safe from the water below. They eliminate the process of pumping dirty water from the top of a winter cover. Rain and melted snow and ice drain through the cover, so that pool water is closer to operating level as spring approaches. As for leaves and debris, they will dry and blow off of the cover over the course of the winter.

Safety covers can be installed on any size and shape of a pool, and work great with waterfalls and over pool-attached SPA.


Converting your fresh water to salt water has been proven to be advantagous. Continuous sanitization helps sustain crystal clear and healthy water.

Salt water is also healthier for your skin, as it is naturally soft. Also, it reduces eyes irritation and discolouring of hair associated with chlorine.


If you suspect that your pool has a leak, it is extremely important to detect and repair it as fast as possible, preventing possible damage and expense. Our leak detection includes a plumbing pressure test and a pool structure check-up with sonar.


We sell, repair, and install all pool equipment:
– pumps
– filters
– heaters
– automated controllers
– automated pool cleaners
– salt systems
– UV systems
– ozone systems


2017 DEALS

Book and prepay for a chance to WIN a $200 Jack Astor’s Gift Card

Pool Opening (2 visits) + Pool Closing (1 visit)

Best Seller… Save $100

$550 + HST*

Pool Opening (2 visits) + 12 Weekly Cleanings + Pool Closing (1 visit)

Save $160

$1,150 + HST*

Pool Opening (2 visits) + 16 Weekly Cleanings + Pool Closing (1 visit)

Best Seller… Save $180

$1,350 + HST*

Pool Opening (2 visits) + 20 Weekly Cleanings + Pool Closing (1 visit)

Save $250

$1,500 + HST*

Call or Email us Now! (647) 710-8926 | info@pfpools.com

How to enroll in our 2017 Prepay Deals

  1. Choose a program.
  2. Send full payment by April 15th.
  3. You will receive a receipt by email or mail.
  4. You will receive a call to schedule your first visit.

Methods of payment

  1. Cheque – payable to People for Pools.
  2. Interac/email money to info@pfpools.com
  3. Visa & Mastercard – email or call us to process.

*Terms and Conditions
  1. There will be up-charges for irregular pool, which will be billed after each services:
    1. pool attached SPA – add $60 per opening/closing
    2. pool attached waterfall – add $30 per opening/closing
    3. pool total surface greater or equal than 800 sq. ft. – add $60 per opening/closing
    4. salt-water pools – discharge to sanitary sewer system using submersible pump left overnight – add $40
  2. All packages include liquid chlorine shock for opening and closing. All other chemicals are billed separately.
  3. All accounts signed up for prepay deals by April 15th, 2017 are eligible to win a $200 Jack Astor Gift Card on April 30th, 2017.
We reserve the right for custom up-charge in the case of a complicated pool circulation system (2 or more filters, in floor cleaning system, infinity pool, etc.)
What's New


On-site Water Testing

No bottles to fill, no guessing, and most
importantly, you’re not running to the pool
store to get your water tested!

We come to you!

We test your pool water… and accurate
results in just 30 seconds!

A refreshing upgrade that saves

Most constant-speed swimming pool pumps run 24/7, often at a higher speed than necessary for the task. That’s a big opportunity to save electricity.

“I have had really great service from People for Pools. Jakub and his team are always very responsive to my pool needs. I have them open and close my pool as well as have them perform weekly maintenance. So happy with the service!”

John Doe, Etobicoke

Contacted them through a mail flyer i received 2 summers ago…ever since they have opened and closed and serviced my pool – wouldn’t consider using anyone else. This summer they installed a safety cover on my pool and the prices were very competitive and the quality and service great – i would highly recommend for all your pool needs!

Kerry K.

People for Pools did an amazing job renovating my pool. Turned a 35 year old pool into a brand new up to date state of the art pool. They are always on time and take pride in their work. I recommend Jakub and his team with confidence.

Domenic S.

I had engaged People for Pools to replace my vinyl liner and repair a broken skimmer. I found Jakub to be very helpful &courteous as we made choices for our liner pattern. Jakub was very flexible with scheduling his activities around other landscaping work we were having done. He met all his time commitments flawlessly, which is very refreshing. Highly recommended.

Frank V.

I have had a very positive experience with Jakub and People for Pools. Unlike with representatives from a number of other pool companies I contacted, he has been very responsive and professional. He and his colleague did an excellent job putting in our new vinyl pool liner, and we are very pleased with the result. He has also, free of charge, provided great advice about ongoing pool maintenance and other pool-related resources. I would definitely recommend People for Pools for your pool repair and maintenance needs.

Chris A.

I have been a pool owner for 30+ years. The worst thing I hate about it is the opening and/or closing cost surprise. I get these lovely advertisements in the mail saying $300 opening or closing special, only to get an invoice the following week saying $600 or $700… we had to add this chemical, install this ladder, throw this bag out, and be grumpy. My annual opening/closing bill was easily $1300-$1400 a year out the door. Well along comes Jakub and does all of this for less than half, is courteous, friendly and most of all DOES A GREAT JOB! If I ever need a service call he’s there the next day if not the same day. His chemical prices rival Costco (that’s hard to do) and he can get you any part for any swimming pool product. Highly Recommend! A++++

Matt A.

I learned about People for Pools 3 years ago when I had a mysterious leak. Jakub was prompt, thorough and reasonably priced. I have been using him since to open and close the pool and maintain it during the season. The first year using them my kids commented on how clean the water was! I have also referred a friend who has had a great experience as well. I’m glad I made the switch and will continue to use and recommend them.

Mark M.

I have used Jakub and his team at People for Pools for the last 3 seasons and prior to me, Jakub was providing his services to the previous owners of my home and he came highly recommended. Well, I’d have to agree. He made a new pool owner (at the time) feel at ease with maintenance and upkeep. He took time explaining what to expect and continues to be a great source of intel on any questions I have. I’ll be recommending him to the next owner of my home…should I ever leave! Thanks for the great job you and your team do Jakub!

Gbenga A.

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Enhancing your backyard pool environment

Enhancing your backyard pool environment can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, depending on your budget or your detailed project scope. It may be as simple as adding colorful poolside flower pots or as elaborate as building an integrated spa. Landscaping, fine features, and shade structures are just a few of the ways ...
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